Tina Ibañez

Art Director + Designer

As a teen – inspired by her Colombian father’s collection of 10,000 LP’s – Tina dabbled in design, creating graphics for music posters and album packaging. She went on to graduate from the School of Visual Arts in New York City and established herself as an emerging talent in the field of Design.

Beginning her career at Trooper, Tina was exposed to all manner of projects ranging from music to publishing, motion graphics to website design. She found a niche working with Stop Smiling Media on their magazine and helped to brand their expansion into book publishing with the design of their noted titles, website and promotional materials.

Tina frequently collaborates with Runner Creative Director Brett Kilroe on all things Kings of Leon and Runner Founder Tracy Boychuk on everything in between.

Based in New York City Tina is a core collective member, part of the group that makes Runner run. She’s also very kind to indie bands from the Lower East Side.